Judge's Comments

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Ardmore Green won Honorable Mention in the 2018 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards, in the Fiction category!


I received these comments from the judge.  I think you'll like them.

Judge’s Commentary*:

This was a fantastic book. Well done! I have many great things to say about it. I would like to commend you on the production values of the book. They were by far the best presentation I saw in the books I read for the contest this year. The images were striking and the colors made me intrigued. They’re not frequently used hues on a cover, which I liked...The storyline was excellent as well. The pacing was well-done, and it was very clear that the plot had been meticulously thought out. The story keeps moving at a fast pace, which is what genre fiction should do. I also enjoyed the way that you included difficult subject matter in the book, but you handled the situation with respect and realistically. All of this added up to make a well-told tale...It should be no surprise to you that I am forwarding your story to the second round of the competition. Congratulations, you deserve it.

I'm grateful for this encouraging feedback!

-Jeff Siebold

Thank you!

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Thanks to everyone who helped with the Book Launch of "The Bakken Blade"!  So grateful to my Advance Readers, my Editor, Beth, and my Cover Designer, Deborah.  You all rock!

The mystery presently has 4.8 stars (out of 5.0) on Amazon and on Goodreads...and 24 great reviews!

What's next?  I'm presently 25,000 words (one-third of the book) into my next novel Zeke #6.  (No title yet...)

--Jeff Siebold

Updated Status for "The Bakken Blade"

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Zeke Traynor's new mystery, "The Bakken Blade" is available now on Amazon!

It's being offered for $0.99 (Kindle Version) for a limited time only.  We want to get Zeke's latest adventure into as many readers' hands as we can!! 

Here's the link:

Early reviews are in, and they're very good!  Lots of five-star scores!  Here's a sample:

Thanks to Kelly Watley (Advance Reader), who said... 

"Jeff Siebold is one of the best-kept secrets in mystery.... Shh

He turns out some of the finest books going. Bakken Blade is so elegant it takes your breath away!"

...and thanks to Shauna Joesten (also an Advance Reader), who said... 

"A great read. This is a Mystery read.  Zekes job is to find the killer.  This read pulls you in right from the start. Its got a great storyline that keeps you very involved in reading the story.  This Author has done a great job with the characters and bringing the story out. I definitely recommend it."

See more reviews on the Amazon webpage:

Preorder "The Bakken Blade" for just $0.99

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It's just one short week until "The Bakken Blade, A Zeke Traynor Mystery" is released!  And I'm offering it for a reduced price of just $0.99 for a short time.  (I want to get copies of this mystery out to as many people as possible!)

And we've been hearing good things from the Advance Readers of this fifth mystery in the series.  So far, the book has been very well received!

One Advance Reader said:

"Exciting, intense, page turning and a whole lot more...I can't even express myself properly.

The storyline and twists were just amazing.

This was an excellent book."

Pre-order the eBook here:

or wait until the February 26th release and order a paperback version!  (Same webpage)

And be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay current about Zeke's next adventure!  Sign up here:

Thanks, enjoy the read!

Jeff Siebold

A Second Author Award!

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Just received this via e-mail:

Dear Jeff:

Congratulations!  Your story, "The Adventurer," won an Honorable Mention in the Mystery/Crime Category for the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards.

Wow, another national award!  The story's available for free (Kindle Version) on my home page right now!

Award Winning Author!!

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This week I was notified that Zeke's third mystery won a national book award!  We're so excited!


The e-mail I received from the Editor of Writers Digest said:

"Ardmore Green, A Zeke Traynor Mystery" was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the Genre Fiction category for Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Book Awards.  

I'll update my webpage with more information as soon as it's available!


The Bakken Blade

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Many of you know that I've been working on the fifth Zeke Traynor Mystery, "The Bakken Blade."  I'm about 60% done with the writing, and plan to publish it early next year.

It's an interesting story, centering on the oil industry in New Town, North Dakota, where Zeke is tracking down a killer.  Clive, Kimmy and Tracy Johnson are back, too!

If you haven't read The Crisp Poleward Sky (the 4th Zeke Traynor novel), you may want to grab a copy.  It's available on Amazon; here's the link:

Thanks!!  -Jeff Siebold    

The Crisp Poleward Sky excerpt

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For Memorial Day weekend, I'm posting a link to an excerpt of "The Crisp Poleward Sky" for you to download and enjoy!

Don't forget the book signing at "Uncorked by the Sea" in Southport, NC, June 7th at 5PM.  I hope to see you there!

Click on the link, below.   Then click just above the book cover, on "Look Inside".

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


The Crisp Poleward Sky release

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This is exciting!!  We're on track to have Zeke Traynor's next mystery available by the end of this month!  Both the Kindle version and the soft cover of The Crisp Poleward Sky will be available on shortly!

This story sees Zeke involved in uncovering a corrupt ICE agent while investigating human trafficking, following the trail of a violent Student Loan fraud ring for the Department of Education, and tracking an assassin with an eye on participants in the WITSEC program (U.S. witness protection).  Zeke works across the country again, between Phoenix, where he runs into deadly members of the MS-13 gang, to Boston where a determined killer makes repeated attempts on his life.

Called "a sensational story" by one reviewer, the excitement is captivating and the action is fast and plentiful!  I trust you'll enjoy the read!

--Jeff Siebold

Busy season!

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Greetings!  I've been posting on Facebook (follow me at pretty regularly, my recommendations (books), reviews, new publications, interesting articles, etc.

But, sadly, I've neglected my Blog for a while.  So let me bring you up to date!

I'm in the final stage of editing my fourth Zeke Traynor Mystery.  I plan to have it done and to my editor this week.  Working title is "A Crisp Poleward Sky" (but that's subject to change).

In this book, Zeke tracks human traffickers bringing men and women into the United States from Central America.  After an attempt on his life at the Phoenix ICE Headquarters, Zeke must work around an egotistical Special Agent in Charge to apprehend an assassin who was hired to kill him. 

Additionally, Zeke and Clive are hired to investigate Student Loan thefts with ties to the mob.  They start in Cambridge, following the money to unethical students, crooked academics, mobsters, and ultimately to the power elite behind the scenes of this multi-million dollar swindle.

In between the action, Zeke continues his long-distance relationship with Tracy Johnson, the Secret Service Agent he met in Atlanta.

I've also polished up my favorite Short Story, "The Adventurer" and have a new cover to go with it.  I'll be offering it free in electronic format to all of you soon!!  Be sure you're on my e-mail list...I'm announcing it's availability via e-mail.

Hope everyone is having a great winter!  Keep reading...

Jeff Siebold